Active Adult Communities and Their Amenities

More and more active adult communities are being founded throughout the United States. As the next generation of retired individuals begins to live out their golden years, they are interested in places to live that offer quiet escape from the rest of the world. The goal is to enjoy this time of life. With special amenities created for these folks, these areas serve as an oasis for those looking to get away from the stresses of life.

Group Activities and Social Events

Retirement often means that a person will have more time to pursue his or her hobbies and interests. Instead of punching a time clock every day, they have an open schedule. Active adult communities usually offer many neighborhood gatherings, clubs, and activities for residents. Other local events are set up by the residents themselves, working together to come up with a real variety for others to choose from.

Clubs and classes are often popular event choices in active adult communities. People with similar interests get together and share knowledge and experiences. They set up the days and times they wish to meet, and residents come and go as they please. Every month, there are special events to which everyone is invited. From Christmas parties or other types of celebrations and concerts, residents can choose whether or not to be involved.

Outdoor Activities

For those looking to enjoy time outside, active adult communities offer several different options. Depending on their location and the climate, a person may be able to take a dip in the pool during the summer time or take a hike outside in the fall. Hiking, walking, and biking trails often surround these lovely neighborhoods. They provide everyone with the opportunity to get out without having to leave home.

Common areas allow for different types of games and sports to be played. Everything from shuffleboard to tennis may be available. Much like the social gatherings, classes, and events, residents have the opportunity to choose when and how often they would like to participate.

Prearranged Maintenance and Upkeep

Aside from all the activities, there are other benefits to living in active adult communities. Some provide residents with complimentary landscaping and yard services. This ensures that the area looks great, and homeowners are not required to get out and handle the yard work. For those that don’t want to spend time working on the yard or those that cannot physically handle the work, the regular maintenance and upkeep really comes in handy.

Five Best Active Adult Communities in the United States

From the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii to the Atlantic coast of Florida, there are countless active adult communities that provide safe, active, and assisted living for senior adults. It is not an easy task to select five from such an extensive list and it is even harder because the interests as well as the needs of people differ so greatly. The good news is that regardless of what your own particular needs and wants might be there is one that will make your list as the top in the country. The following list is my top five Active Adult Communities in the United State.

* Saddle Brooke in Tucson, Arizona. This Arizona active adult community is one of several in the Robson chain located in Arizona and Texas. It is located near the art and culture of Tucson, Arizona, and features a 36 hole golf facility. It is also close to restaurants and shopping, and has a fitness center and several pools onsite.

* Osprey Cove in the St. Mary’s River Basin of Georgia. This Georgia active adult community features a view of Georgia’s vast tidal marshland. Money Magazine called Osprey Cove the “number one small town in America.” The community features a year round championship golf course designed by Mark McCumber.

* Island Pointe in Merrit Island, Florida. This Florida active adult community features condos with six different floor plans overlooking the Intercoastal Waterway. The Recreation center has basketball courts, tennis courts, a heated swimming pool, and a sauna.

* Beach Villas at Ko Olina, Hawaii. Located on the western side of Honolulu, Hawaii, this beachfront active adult community is the dream come true tropical paradise. It is on the famed Wainanae coast, and features everything one would expect from a Hawaiian beach resort. The rooms all feature natural wood and natural colors that invoke the spirit of the islands and of the sea.

* Yosemite Gardens in Clovis, California. This California active adult community is located near Yosemite National Park, and is famous for the food service that makes it seem more like a fancy restaurant than a retirement community. It has a full variety of social and outdoor activities available, and offers assisted living homes as well as independent living homes.

Your list may differ widely, but these are certainly among the top communities in the country. It would be hard to top them for the richness of the living experience they provide or the beauty of the area around them.